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Chochin Japanese Paper Lanterns Lamp Shade: Lantens in Summer!!

Hi there.

It has been very hot days here in Japan. I am visiting my parents' place in Japan and enjoying summertime in Japan!!

japanese lantern

japanese lantern

japanese lantern

japanese lantern

A lot of festivals (matsuri) are held here and there, nearly every weekend. You can see a lot of chochin (paper lanterns) at every festival. Also we got religious events called obon, which is anual event for our ansestors. Obon is the time when we pray for people who passed away (including our ansestors) and we believe that they come back to Japan to see the rest of their family and significant persons.

Lanterns are serving as a guide for the path connecting between our lives and heaven.

japanese lantern
↑that type of lantern is specifically for obon..

As this is the seasonal stuff, I could not find many lanterns left in any shops in Japan.. a bit sad..

I found some lanterns available on Ebay.

Seems like summer will be gone soon..

Hav a good weekend!!

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