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Sensu (Japanese Fan): a must item for this bloddy hot summer!!

Japanese Folding Fan: Sensu

Folding fans have been used in Japanese culcure since old days,
back in 7th century!

Sensu has been known as a must item for Geisha in old and nowadays!! This is how people know about Sensu!!

Sensu could be more familiar with people outside Japan than other Japanese traditional items as you can see these Sensu in many movies about Japanese culture.. like \"Memoir of Geisha\" and stuff..

In old Japanese days, people have to get through boiling hot Japanese summer days. Especially Kyoto has many mountains around that makes summer in Kyoto even hotter!

Japanese sensu is a wisdom of how people survive in bloddy summer in old days where they had no electric devices like nowadays.

Anyway, have a look at a variety of sensu.. This is how sensu is holded for carrying.

Japanese fan sensu Japanese fan sensublackflower1

Japanese fan sensu Japanese fan sensu Japanese fan sensu

Find more about Japanese Paper Folding Fan: Sensu

Japanese Paper Folding Fan (sensu) is available on Ebay, too.

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