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Welcome to Japanese Beauty in Kimono

Konnichiwa!! Japanese Beuties introduces you traditional Japanese life with many range of Japanese cultural tools such as kimono, calligraphy, sake, lanterns. These are so peculiar and different from culture and art in wester world. Hope my blog will help you to have a good understanding of our culture and art! Some of them are still used in our contemporaly culture and still making our life very efficient.

We will talk about

Japanese traditional lifestyle

Japanese fan (sensu)
Japanese kimono
Japanese calligraphy (shodo)
Japanese umbrella (wagasa)
Japanese Lanterns/ lamp shade (chocin)
Japanese Hanging scrolls (kakejiku)
Japanese armor and helmet (yoroi and kabuto)
Other Japanese Antique

Japanese trational toy

Japanese Origami
Japanese chess (shogi)
Japanese cards (hanafuda)
Japanese Kite (tako)
Japanese cup and ball (kendama)
Japanese bouncing ball (temari)
Japanese Juggling balls (otedama)

Japanese kitchen ware

Japanese Sake bottles and cups (ochoko and tokkuri)
Japanese two-tires lunch box (jubako)
Japanese Trays for soba (Zaru)
Japanese wodden sake cups (masu)
Japanese apron (maekake)

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テーマ:日本文化 - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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Japanese Calligraphy: Shodo

Do you know Japanese Calligraphy (shodo)?

This is what all Japanese kids learn in elementary schools. They will learn how to sit still and to achieve one thing that seems very easy to achieve (but it is not).

(I practised a lot when I was a kid... It was struggling!)

(It is very hard to be good! Practice makes perfect.. I hope)

(It will take whole life to be a shodo master...)

The History of Japanese calligraphy has been heavily influenced by Chinese calligraphy.

We already started the history of calligraphy in the 4th century, which is before Hiragana and Katakana were invented in Japan!!

In contemporary Japanese culture, Shodo became some kinds of performance art, with music and dancing.

full on!!

You need to have many tools for Japanese calligraphy. Probably pens (big and small) and ink (in bottle) and paper (special for shodo) could be enough to start Calligraphy. However, if you want to follow Japanese traditinal rules, you need whole calligraphy set.


1. Suzuri: Ink Container made from black stone: That is heavy the hell!!
2. Bunchin: This is a metal bar to press the paper down so that paper does not move while you are writing.
3. sumi: The hard block of ink (not liquid). we used to mix this with water and disolve it to make liquid ink, taking about 10 minutes.

See? Calligraphy set weights a lot!! It was too heavy for elemetary school kids, at least I found it heavy!!

Anyway, you need years and years to aquire enough skills of shodo.. I advise you to start as soon as possible if you are interested in..


oh, you can find some calligraphy tools on Ebay too.

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テーマ:Japanese Art and Culture - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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The Great Japanese Stuff I bought from Ebay!!!

I love Ebay shopping!!!

Because I have been in Australia for ages, it has been so hard to buy the stuff from Japan for ages.. However, now we can buy reasonable Japanese items from Ebay, as a big range of Japanese stuff is available.

Some sellers are located in Japan and they will post their products overseas.

So in this category, I will introduce any cultural items that I have bought from Ebay!!

Have a look at many pieces of sensu that I have bought!!

56145559_o.jpg 56145582_o.jpg ebaysensu5.jpg
My fav is the green one!

And some lanterns (chocin) here.

64781822_o.jpg 64481540_o.jpg 57755066_o.jpg


And I have found heaps more attractive items from that shop: All about Japanese art and craft!!

Kindly, the shop owner gave us a permission to use the images of his products.

Thank you tinmanpsyku. I will see you again for more of Japanese goodies for sure!!


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テーマ:Japanese Art and Culture - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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